Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dan returns from Peter Harris Clothes with more than the rarely-seen-in-his-size Levi's that were his goal.

S: You can not wear this shirt.
D: I haven't tried it on yet, and it's brown, so it goes with the autumn color palette I've been going for. Reds, yellows, oranges- well, except for the yellows.
S: You can only wear it if you've decided to be a "hipster" and wear it with irony. Ronald Reagan would have worn that shirt.
D: You can't tell without seeing it on. Begins to try on shirt.
A: Daddy you need to get a shirt on! You need a shirt on! Right now!
D: Wow, you're right! This would be awesome with a black-and-white checked jacket and ripped jeans! I can't return this; I should sell it!
C: Yeah! We'll sell it! We'll go back to Peter Harris and buy them all and open a store and sell them and make lots of money!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Even if you're not left behind, don't lose touch with those who were.

I picked the very last strawberry from the garden today, from a very hardy plant that succumbed to the cold just last night. My fall gardening failed completely this year, as some appreciative animal ate all my parsley and spinach the very day we pulled out the cold frame, but we have high hopes for an early start in the spring.

A is pretty cheery today after three days of illness-induced misery, but Dan and I remain very groggy. She tried to cheer me up, though. While I was eating lunch:

A: "We saw the moon when we went on walksies. Daddy told me about the moon. It was a waxing gibbous. It peeked out from the clouds."

S: "Do you want to see if we can find the moon before bedtime tonight? We can't see the moon right now."

A: "The moon is sleeping right now. The moon is sleeping in its moon-bed."