Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh, y'know how back in January I said that A was miserable because she had two more teeth coming in? Well, they JUST broke though.


Yesterday we found our first blooms of the year (from bulbs I planted in 2002) and we harvested our first crop from the garden (a few chives to flavor our dinner). We already put spinach in the cold frame, and on Thursday I'll pick up sugar snap peas for planting-

Friday, March 24, 2006


The straps on A's carseat are difficult to tighten. We determined that the cheapest way to solve the problem would be to get C a booster seat and give her the one he's currently using. This had the additional benefit of making it more exciting for C, because he got to pick out a new one for himself.

And what did he choose, you may ask? The purple one with flowers, of course! Not having the heart to dissuade him, we bought it. In a year or two, he'll either embarrassedly swap it for the one currently in Nana's car or (we hope) stand up for himself and declare that yes, flowers are pretty and he's comfortable enough with his masculinity to admit it.

This left us with an extra carseat, which I immediately freecycled. In fact, we had ANOTHER extra hand-me-down we didn't want, and I set it on the porch for a friend who wanted an extra. But the freecycler inexplicably took both carseats- well, we assume that's what happened anyway, since they were both gone when I came home from the dentist on Wednesday. As long as they're not in my house, I'm not going to fret-

A continues to hate riding in our car. She's happier in SUVs, presumably because they allow her to see out the window better, but we told her in no uncertain terms that we are NOT upgrading. Of course this means that every car trip involves Much Singing to keep her from screaming, which annoys C to no end because the only song he wants to hear is "This Land is Your Land," and given how long this request has been standing, we just can't tolerate doing it more than twice a ride (with several verses, mind you). A particular favorite of A's is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat," and she's also partial to "Edelweiss." She is decidedly unimpressed by our interpretations of Janis Joplin.

This past week, we let C pick the TOPIC for each song, so he'd be less offended by our efforts. The first topic he picked was "staying up waaaay past my bedtime." So we launched into an improvised version of a Rosenschontz song that I remembered from grade school. Since the only lyrics I remembered other than the chorus were "with Olivia Newton-John, I've got a roller skate date," we had to come up with all sorts of our own reasons for staying up late, such as eating candy, making messes, getting into trouble, etc. Many of our more creative thoughts, unfortunately, were not appropriate to voice in front of the children.

(Why do I remember anything about that song, despite having never owned any Rosenschontz music? It's because they apparently sent my 6th grade music teacher a promotional copy of their album and my music teacher played it to us for two weeks worth of music classes. Odd? Yes, but no odder than the fact that my music teacher also spent three weeks of EVERY year having us lip sinc to tapes that we brought in from home, and that he told the same stories EVERY year in the exact same way so that by third grade I could recite them word for word, and that he had three different explanations for why he had a prosthetic leg. At the time, however, none of this seemed odd, and I rather liked the teacher and the class. Memories like this make me think of how nonsensical so many of the life events of children must be-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So I make an expedition out to Troy to meet Michelle and check out Royah's restaurant. I find parking only two blocks away (I'm handicapped by being unable to parallel park on the left), it's a nice day, Shake Shake Mamas has amazing food/ smoothies, and it's great to see Michelle. Until, of course, I take my third bite of food and chip a tooth. (And I can't even sue Royah, because there was nothing foreign in my wrap- just an unfortunate combination of vectors in my mouth.) The only dental office that I both trust AND can see me this week is in Clifton Park, so I'll be making the trip up there tomorrow for the third time in four days. And I don't have insurance. Maybe they'll barter for some of Cadao's artwork. Or maybe they want a pool table....

This is fairly typical of the "homework" C brings home on Fridays. When I mocked this particular worksheet, Dan reminded me that most kids are kind of dumb. We are eternally grateful that C is not required to turn in completed homework, because he rarely finds it worth doing. Posted by Picasa

*&%$! personal hygiene instruction

To our surprise, C does actually learn some things at school, and occasionally he learns them better than when we tell him the same thing at home. He knows that when the letter y is at the end of a word, it makes a long e sound; he sneezes into his elbow; he knows that penguins live only in the Southern Hemisphere. However, he was also apparently taught to mumble all the verses of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" while washing his hands to ensure their cleanliness, and this means that his hands are red, chapped, and bleeding. He throws fits when we put lotion on them, so we're torn between super-gluing rubber gloves on or instructing the school nurse to apply Aquaphor hourly.

(Of course all this hand-washing hasn't kept him from getting sick today- we're hoping he didn't get it from Ye-ye....)

Brianna's wedding

Despite the unfortunate detour Dan and the kids took through Arbor Hill, we all had a wonderful time at Bri's wedding. We've decided that we should a hire a DJ for our Memorial Day weekend at Twin Trees, and refine our choreography for the Blackfly Swat. We can work on the Pump-Hauling Grunt and the Batten Bop before performing the Rakey-Achey-Back (which is more of an interpretive thing).

My brother, we hear, had an even Better time after we left. Funny he hasn't posted about it on HIS blog, to share with all his friends.....

Monday, March 20, 2006

C's welcome sign when I returned from Seattle recently Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oh, it's going to be a long long four days without Dan. Within an hour of dropping him off at the airport (before his plane even took off!) the kids were a wreck; thankfully, C's at Nana and Ye-ye's for the night, but A's disposition only went downhill after a mere 30-minute nap. It just took me an hour to get her to bed for the night, much of which time was spent hysterically screaming (her, not me, though I came close); nothing I did, including walking around with her and nursing her, helped at all. This kind of evening generally precedes an especially horrific night-

But, in better news, we just got our new tax assessment. Fearing the worst, since the assessment of one of our neighbors tripled, I was happy to see that our assessment increase was minimal and our estimated taxes actually decreased. I'm sure the tax impact will change, as everyone with big jumps will file grievances and get their assessments reduced, but at least we shouldn't need to worry about enormous increases.