Sunday, November 14, 2004


C thoroughly enjoyed Halloween, thanks in part to the fact that they hyped it up for about 3 weeks at preschool beforehand..

After debuting his flower costume at the Town's party the previous week (see 10/26 entry), his class had a parade and party at school. In addition to C's costume of course, one of the other most original costumes was a boy dressed as an "ice cream man", complete with foam core ice cream truck (had a window, rolled on wheels...). They paraded around the school building along with the three other classes several times, much to the delight of the throngs of parents, grandparents, etc. gathered to watch (i.e. videotape) the event, then brought the fans with them back to the classroom to break the ghost pinata the kids had made. They each had two whacks with a big, decorated stick when their name was drawn (or 8-10 whacks in rapped succession in a couple of cases--the teachers tried to intervene but then thought better of getting in the way of the a 4 year-0ld wielding a big, decorated stick). C was up to bat third, and several of the parents were surprised at the power one little flower could display with his hits. The big kid with the bad rep., Colton (see previous entries) was the one to knock down the pinata/break it open, but the teachers let the other kids pummel it on the ground so everyone had a turn before the loot was divided up (luckily nothing breakable/semi-healthy inside to damage like popcorn or pretzels; just lots of sugar...) C had a great time.

On Halloween afternoon we joined our neighbor friends Richard, Tammy, Tristan, and baby Rowan ("R2T2" we call them) at a friend’s party for a while, then went Trick-or-Treating. C loves Trick-or-Treating (what’s not to love about free candy!), and is more polite than most of his peers, saying "Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat… Thank you" at each house like I taught him. He filled his ghost bag on a stick with candy until it was too heavy to carry any more… When we got home and I was out walking Paco (and C and Sarah were eating dinner) some secret Halloween deliverer dropped off a bag for C with his name on it, a pink flower decoration (must have seen his costume), apple, homemade cookie, candy, sticker decorations on bag… Any information leading to the identification and thanking of this person will be much appreciated!


He said tonight (11/14) that he wants to be a rabbit next Halloween, so maybe the cute/innocent costumes aren’t gone forever yet for him!

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