Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oh, it's going to be a long long four days without Dan. Within an hour of dropping him off at the airport (before his plane even took off!) the kids were a wreck; thankfully, C's at Nana and Ye-ye's for the night, but A's disposition only went downhill after a mere 30-minute nap. It just took me an hour to get her to bed for the night, much of which time was spent hysterically screaming (her, not me, though I came close); nothing I did, including walking around with her and nursing her, helped at all. This kind of evening generally precedes an especially horrific night-

But, in better news, we just got our new tax assessment. Fearing the worst, since the assessment of one of our neighbors tripled, I was happy to see that our assessment increase was minimal and our estimated taxes actually decreased. I'm sure the tax impact will change, as everyone with big jumps will file grievances and get their assessments reduced, but at least we shouldn't need to worry about enormous increases.

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