Saturday, January 20, 2007

why we stopped watching Smallville

D: The jock is going to fall through the ice.
S: There's going to be kryptonite in the pond, and he's going to turn into some kind of water or ice monster.
D: He's going to go around wreaking havoc, and hook up with Lana, and Clark is going to find out, and they're going to get in a fight.
S: There will be kryptonite nearby during the fight so Clark will be useless until they go somewhere else to finish the fight. And Clark is going to stand up Lana because he was incapacitated.
D: No point in watching the rest, right?

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shannon said...

Well, there are the episodes where Lex is bad, but really good and good but really bad. And misunderstood, but kinda creepy since he's a post-college grad hanging with high-schoolers and stuff.

And there was a season where Lana became a witch or something. I stopped watching before then.

But, hey, you gotta like the "Crows" school mascot.