Saturday, March 31, 2007

This morning I did the 2-ish miles in 21 minutes, despite making the mistake of bringing Paco with me. I'm not sure which was more annoying- the pausing to sniff (forcing me to pull him along when he ignored my call) or the stopping right in front of me and getting in my way. He did shape up for the last third of the run; I'm not sure if this was because he was tired or because he finally got with the program. He'll get one more chance on Monday.


shannon said...

I've found that it takes dogs a week or so to get it together (assuming they can already handle being on a lead). It take a while for them to learn that the running shoes means travel and not exploration.

If you don't already use one of the auto-coiling leads, get one. It's a million times easier. It lets them zoom forward, find something, sniff and pee on it (meanwhile falling behind you) and then catch up. All the while you can run regular speed.

Sarah said...

We do use a retractable leash, but I'm wondering if he might actually do better with a short leash- because then he won't get the mistaken impression that he's allowed to stop. I've decided to wait another week before trying him again, though, because it'll definitely be clearer to him when I'm doing more running and less walking. (Did the same run in 20 minutes today!)