Saturday, January 20, 2007

why we stopped watching Smallville

D: The jock is going to fall through the ice.
S: There's going to be kryptonite in the pond, and he's going to turn into some kind of water or ice monster.
D: He's going to go around wreaking havoc, and hook up with Lana, and Clark is going to find out, and they're going to get in a fight.
S: There will be kryptonite nearby during the fight so Clark will be useless until they go somewhere else to finish the fight. And Clark is going to stand up Lana because he was incapacitated.
D: No point in watching the rest, right?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the past three days, we have live-trapped and released (far away) five mice. And these are just the ones stupid enough to get trapped in out kitchen. Any estimates of the size of the entire colony we're hosting here?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Making gingerbread houses proved harder without those little milk cartons the library program uses every year... though C still enjoyed making and eating (the heavily laden path so far). Posted by Picasa

C gave A's "Scout" doll temporary hair for her to comb, when she wanted to be like her brother who, uncharacteristically, decided to comb his doll's hair.... (A was disturbed by the alteration, unfortunately, and returned the doll to her "natural" bald state...) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We're so far behind the times that everyone else on earth has probably already seen these movies, but for those who have not: do not waste your time watching either the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Star Wars Episode III movies. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory did not add anything terribly interesting to the old one despite its special effects potential, and instead of portraying Willy Wonka as a brilliant crazed misanthrope, Johnny Depp made him creepily Michael Jackson-esque. Star Wars was less than riveting, given that we all KNOW how it ends, and the only question it solved can be handily summed up in one sentence.