Friday, May 02, 2008

more from the Fuehrer

I had the same reaction as this guy when C brought home his soccer "uniform" on Monday. Even more startling to me, however- the shirt is white. It is going to be covered in mud after the first game tomorrow, and I'm never going to get the stains out. Should I have a party for the whole team halfway through the season to convert from the white team into the tie-dyed team?

Given C's continuing independent study of WWII, I'm surprised he didn't point out the resemblance. Last night he asked me what started "the" war between China and Japan. I confessed to knowing nothing about it other than a vague sense of millenia-long cultural rivalries (which, of course, I could relate most closely to Nazism). He went on a bit about the U.S. not aiding Japan against China and Japan's motivations for bombing Pearl Harbor, which I also knew nothing about. I'll be needing to provide a lot more help with his research if he wants to trace back the antecedents to every war to the beginning of time. And I'll need to decide whether I should be actively engaging in my own study so I know what he's talking about.


poz said...

This reminds me of when we were localizing our game for Korea. "Localization" is when you take a program and change it for another country. This often goes beyond mere translation because of cultural differences. For example, superheroes in America are usually muscular and leggy. But in Korea, "normal" stature people are heroes and big/muscular people are bad guys. So, we made expanded our options so there were more regularly-proportioned avatars.

We also wanted to have some specific super-villains for Korea. So, we asked them what the most "evil" person would be. The answer: Japanese.

Nana said...

Maybe you should take him to visit Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe could relate many WWII events at least. I believe he was in India. Not sure where else.

Rob said...

I knew I wasn't the only one who thinks that shirt looks like something the Hitler Youth wore.