Thursday, January 22, 2009

SimCity and urban planning

This reminded me that I once tried to set up a city with no roads, just rail. Didn’t work. I tried building one road leading from the edge of the screen (presumably where other cities might be) that stopped on the outskirts of town but that didn’t work either. Wonder if it would in real life. If there’s not a SimSustainableCity out yet, that allows you to build windmills and greenhouses and bike trails and horse stables, there should be.

(The rate of nuclear meltdowns, incidentally, was more than a little high in the Sim universe. I guess that was the only way they had to provide a reason NOT to go nuclear, because otherwise it was by far the best choice. Maybe they should have had protestors instead, or bad-karma points.)

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poz said...

All-rail didn't work in SimCity, but you could greatly reduce road needs by using trains. Basically like light-rail and subways work along with roads today.

And, if you built the power plants way out of town, nuclear was still more cost efficient than coal-- even with their more-common-than-reality meltdowns. :-) (The game was made in the shadow of 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl, IIRC)