Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dollhouse review

The most annoying character on Firefly was a girl named River, who spent most of her time walking around in a dreamy daze but occasionally said and did batshit crazy things. This was a side effect of the government manipulating her brain to turn her into a weapon or something. In the first episode, Dollhouse appears to be all about a group of underweight but otherwise attractive women who walk around in dreamy dazes until they are injected with mission-appropriate personalities, and then they kick ass with occasional craziness thrown in. They have new-agey names like Echo and Sierra. I am thusfar unimpressed, but I’ll admit that it took more than one episode to draw me into Firefly.


Nana said...

We watched and I am not sure about it either. And I get confused. Real surprise there. Remember my friend Sharon Carpinello? Her son James' wife plays the doctor (Amy Acker).

poz said...

James is apparently an actor as well.