Sunday, July 17, 2005

home again!

We just spent a week at Twin Trees and had an completely delightful time. Overall, the weather was great (and certainly an improvement over the heat wave back home), we got to be outside a good amount, the bugs were bearable, and we loved getting to hang out with our friends who met us up there. C spent two nights with Nana and Ye-ye at Racquette Lake. He apparently had a wonderful time but we missed him. (Though I did not miss checking on him every 4 minutes for an hour while he fell asleep each night, or waking him up at midnight to give him a last chance to use the bathroom.) A learned to crawl for real now, and she's still pretty pleased with herself every time she does it. (Given her past developmental milestone patterns, that'll probably last about two days, when she starts to get frustrated that she can't walk. Gee, she's never satisfied with where she's at now, and always wants to be another step ahead. That doesn't remind me of anyone else in the family, nosiree; where could she have gotten that from?) The very first day she became semi-mobile, she started trying to take away toys from our 19-month-old guest. Can't wait to see how that plays out with C over the next few months....

The only real damper on our vacation was the travel. A screamed for large chunks of the trip both coming and going, and our trip home today took 3 1/2 hours (twice as long as it should) due to make-the-baby-happy stops (and she still screamed for about 1/3 of the in-the-car time). C was tired and whiny after such a busy weekend too, and at one gas station both of them were screaming. While I tried to get the pump to accept Dan's credit card and Dan tried to get A out of the car, the woman at the pump across from me started laughing, "They're both screaming now! Ha ha ha!" Not quite knowing how to respond to such a bizarre comment about a truly not-funny situation, I ignored her. (An assault charge would not have helped improve our day.) Anyway, A seems truly incapable of sleeping in the car, which means that she and I will probably not be able to accompany Dan and C on two long-distance trips they have planned over the next 2 months. We're hoping she'll improve after she's one and we can turn her carseat around.

Pictures will follow when the camera-keeper is able.

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