Monday, July 04, 2005

Overheard at playgrounds over the past few weeks:

a six-year-old humming Black Sabbath's Iron Man over and over again (I thought he was pretty cool)

"You are picking up ants? You're such a freak!" (said by a parent, and NOT in an affectionate way)

"Don't go in the sandbox. You'll get dirty." (heard at least 6 times, even when the sandbox was dry)

"Rich hurt his toe getting out of the pool. He doesn't like little people. Little people don't make him happy in his heart." (from a 3-year-old girl)

"My mom says babies are too little to sit on the ground." (from a 4-year-old, whose mother had clearly been talking about my dirt-covered baby)

"The doctor says that I need to feed him at night 'til he's four months old, so we have another month before we can let him cry." (no, I'm no making this up)

"Finish up your juice so you can have your gummi worms!" (the "juice" was, incidentally, Capri Sun)

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