Monday, November 14, 2005

evenings with A

C is off to bed around 8:15; A usually is up until at least 9. Since we're barely functional past 10, we need to use at least some of this time to actually converse without 10 interruptions per minute. So we toss a bunch of Oatios (wheat-free organic Cheerios) on the coffee table and sit back while A sings her happy-Oatios song, munches, and roams around the downstairs. It's our most relaxing time of the day.

I bought Oatios for her without poring over the package; I gave them to C so I knew they were fine. But then noticed a little sign on the front saying, "new! better tasting!" Why are they better tasting, you may ask? Because they added sugar to them. (Note that the sign on front did not say "new! with added sugar!") The ingredients list tries to hedge by calling it "evaporated cane juice." The grams of sugar per serving are HIGHER than regular Cheerios. I'm rather annoyed, but since it's the only prepackged food we feed her, and she LOVES them, I think we're going to let it slide.

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