Sunday, February 17, 2008

geeks and obsession

C has been playing these games during his computer time for a while. (My personal favorite is the one where you try to get cats to do the same thing simultaneously; he's more of a fan of the ones involving projectiles.) This morning he ran from his room shouting, "I made a top score! I made a top score!" and indeed he'd entered his name into the Top Score list. He was thrilled, and played some more and got his name in twice more (I wonder if the top scores are reset occasionally so it was easier for him to make the list today?) before running out of time.

We were especially amused because we'd just watched The King of Kong (Dan thought it would be a romantic pick for Valentine's Day). It's a documentary about people who are still trying to get top scores on 80's video games. Halfway through I said, "This is so weird maybe it's actually a mockumentary." Dan pointed out, "it's so weird it has to be real; no one could make this stuff up." It's a little too easy to picture C in that scene.

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