Tuesday, February 19, 2008

no-VOC paint

We'll probably try this stuff the next time we paint. There's a Sherwin Williams in the Hannaford plaza on Delaware Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

dammit, we were *just at* Hannafords, but we didn't know that the Sherwin Williams had low-voc, so we came home and got K and the boy settled in to getting ready for bed and then I went out to the Benjamin Moore on Central (by Quail) to get paint chips for their low-voc paint. Well, I'm glad to know that more places are carrying it now, if nothing else. I'll have to call S.W. and find out what they charge. B.M. charges $40/gallon for semi-gloss ($32 for flat), and they can do it up in any of their colors.

Thanks for the info!