Tuesday, July 08, 2008


A bawled for twenty minutes after she saw the tree limb with her brand new swing being hacked down. Dan spent a whole day installing the swing two weeks ago, replacing the baby swing and giving her a treat to help compensate for her broken elbow. Our next-door neighbor Sue, who owns the trunk of the tree, didn't trouble to tell us she was going to have the limb cut off. (And given that it only overhung our property, we strongly suspect that she only did it out of spite. We wonder if she watched Dan working on it, chuckling to herself.) We're friendly with all of our neighbors except her. She dissed Dan the day she moved in; we've been nothing but pleasant to her, but she just plain doesn't like us.

Now I'm so angry that I can't stop shaking, and am trying to figure out how to turn the other cheek rather than exact revenge. And trying to figure out where on earth we can re-install the swing so A won't freak out over its loss every day, which is going to be a trick because all the other potential tree limbs on our property are like 40 feet up.

Edited to add: Just learned that when Dan went over to confront her, the tree guys offered to re-install the swing for us on a higher branch. Sue said "no way." It wouldn't actually have worked anyway, but her attitude is totally ridiculous.


Nana said...

I know you'd prefer to use a tree limb for the swing but if there aren't any that you're able to use maybe Dad and Dan could build a swing AFrame or something there (and as close to her house as possible)that wouldn't be too esthetically invasive for you. My take is that it was totally done intentionally. But guess what neighbor lady..it might have been her tree limb but it is your property where you can have whatever you want. Perhaps a very loud teenage hangout...oh, yeah...that might not be so good for you either. :) Anyway, tell A I feel sad about her swing and if Yeye can help put up a new one he is ready!

Sarah said...

We were trying to figure out how to design a swingset to be as ugly and loud as possible in her direction while still acceptable in ours, but couldn't come up with a good way. :)

(We really don't want a swingset- the reason the old swing was cool was because it was up so high.)

Collette said...

To quote a bumper sticker:
"Mean People Suck". Almost makes me wonder how she got to be so miserable. But only almost.