Sunday, September 28, 2008

we didn't stop at pi

A is throwing a fit in the car- we're ten minutes from home and she's suddenly starving (despite having just eaten). We try distraction, empathy, humor, music, etc. and nothing is cutting it. Five minutes from home I can't take the whining any more, and tell her we'll have to pull over if she can't calm down. She pulls herself together and is silent for a few seconds. Then we hear a mournful whimper from the back- "10... 20... 30..."

Apparently A comforts herself by counting by tens. We joined in and got to 1200. She was happy by the time we got home.

(She often includes zero in her counting, both forwards and backwards. This may make her more developmentally advanced than the middle school kids I used to tutor.)

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Anonymous said...

That's cute and weird. Which pretty much sums her up, anyway. :)

Z understands "last bite" and then "all gone", which our math geek friend (one of them, at least) said is pretty close to an understanding of zero. Which is pretty impressive at his age. We'll see if that maps over when he learns more about numbers. right now he's got 1 and 2.