Saturday, September 20, 2008

wouldn't Bob be surprised if we'd left it there

So C is supposed to be watching Neighbor Bob’s cats this week. When he went to feed them today, one of them had disappeared- whether C left a door ajar or if the guy working no the house did, we don’t know, but the cat was found lurking in the woods, refusing to be caught. As Dan left tonight he asked me to go try to get it- “it’s almost come onto the porch; maybe it will like you better than me and C.” So I stroll over as Dan is driving away, find a docile cat sitting on the porch steps, pick it up, and toss it inside.

Then it occurs to me- there are bunch of cats in our neighborhood. I have no idea what Iggy looks like. So I retrieve C from our house to identify the cat. We find it warily circling Delphina, the cat that DIDN’T run away; she looks terrified.

C: “No, that’s not Iggy.”

Random cat was very happy to leave. Delphina hopefully will get over the trauma. Iggy remains on the lam.

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Nana said...

Oh that is so funny...I am still laughing...luckily you had the idea to confirm the identification...I can just imagine Bob's surprise! I hope Iggy shows up...keep us posted!