Thursday, March 12, 2009

my dreams are serials

While the plots of my dreams do not pick up again, incidental details do all the time. One example: dreams about Twin Trees, my family’s cabin in the Adirondacks. Over the past year or so I’ve dreamed about it numerous times and there are several things about Dreamworld Twin Trees that are different from the real one. But they remain consistent within Dreamworld. There is another bedroom in the basement (no basement in the real world) that my aunt and uncle normally sleep in. I do occasionally when they’re not there, but don’t like it because it’s creepy. A secret door off this bedroom leads to a deep closet. There are lamps and dishes that are consistent in my dreams that are nothing like the ones actually there. The woodstove is a different style in a different location (where the telephone table is) and includes an oven for baking. In one of my dreams the oven broke and my relatives slid parts of a broken electric oven into the opening, so the stucco-ish woodstove sports the door of a 70’s-era oven on its side. It’s been there in all my dreams since.


Nana said...

Well it sounds like a typical real world fix at Twin Trees! I also have a recurring house in my dreams. It is so cool. We have a house where there is a third floor that is half greenhouse half house but we always forget it is there. You have to get there via a scary in the roof type attic entrance but it has no ladder. (This makes sense to me because of the attic from my childhood.)When I wake up I am so happy we have the greenhouse house but then I realize oh no, we actually don't. And then I am not so sad because getting up to it is so frightening.

Sarah said...

Yes; I thought it was funny that even in my dreams we were doing half-assed repair jobs. :)

Aunt Maureen said...

I guess we should have told you about the secret staircase that leads to the cellar. Not creepy at all. Contains wine bar, refrigerator full of snacks, huge TV and sound system, comfortable seating, board games with all the parts,and a private bath.