Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this is NOT a suggestion. Just popped into my head.

When I read Stranger in a Strange Land as a teenager, the messages about freedom and religion and sex didn’t seem too profound to me. But eating dead bodies- that was something to think about. Made sense, after all. Maybe that’s why Soylent Green never made an impact on me. It was only logical, what with the hunger and overpopulation, and meat was harvested in a rather less disturbing way than in the warren surrounded by snares in Watership Down.


Mala said...

oh Watership Down...I watched the movie almost every day as a little one. Not sure why I wasn't frightened.

poz said...

The black rabbit was harrowing.

Mala said...

I even own the Art Garfunkel song Bright Eyes that they played when Hazel was shot.