Thursday, April 16, 2009

I want these around town

Bicycle air pump station

All of our bicycle pumps have lasted, hmm, maybe a month? Our spare bike currently has a flat and our regular bike tires are low- guess we're going to have to invest in a $60+ bike shop pump.


poz said...

There's some kind of law or something here in CA where every gas station must have both air and water (for radiators) available. Makes it easy for bikes too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, gas station air is usable for bikes. I forget if you need an adaptor, but if you do I'm sure downtube sells it for cheap. Also, you can always stop to fill up at downtube itself - though I suppose the bikes in your household other than your own probably don't pass it daily.

Sarah said...

We do use the gas station ones on occasion but they're so fast it's hard to get the pressure right. And rather inconvenient when you're working on a true flat.