Wednesday, April 15, 2009

they surely had time to grow it out

For the most part, Hair has made the transfer from Central Park with its high spirits intact. But during the famous mass-nudity moment, my companion noticed a lack of hair that helped crystallize what feels just a little off-kilter about this production: "I didn't think," she whispered, "that hippies had Brazilians."

Would it kill these actors' careers to be seen with body hair?

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Meadowlark said...

This cracked me up. And made me a bit sad.

I remember seeing an episode of "Girls next door" (don't ask...please) and Holly was taking down all the old pictures of Playboy Playmates saying "their bushes are huge! They're bigger than a thong!".

Um, and the problem IS? For the record, it's not like I'm all "let nature take it's course" but the 9-year old girl look is a bit skeevy. IMHO