Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On the incompetence of bureaucracies

HR e-mail: I noticed that for one holiday in January you charged .5 of a day, but for the other one you charged a whole day. I know you are at 50% FTE, but we don’t have any information on your work schedule and so we can’t determine if the way you have earned and used your holiday leave is correct. Could you please send in your schedule using the form found at (link to a form that’s not editable and so cannot be submitted online) as soon as possible? A fax or scanned copy is acceptable.
S: I’m sending in the form, but I have already done so twice. Just in case this one disappears also, I work full days on Mondays and Wednesdays and half days on Thursdays.
HR: You really sent the form twice!!?? That’s weird. I will print this e-mail so we have that at least…thanks for explaining your schedule.
S: Once when I started the job, once when I switched from a Friday to Thursday schedule last summer. Hopefully this time it will make it!
HR: Oh – that was a while ago…who knows where they ended up.

So what, they just randomly throw away forms that are more than, oh, six months old? I guess that might have been code for “someone who used to work here really sucked” but if so, don’t act all surprised about it going missing.


Jim Posniewski said...

You know, that by only claiming a half day you were honest, but totally screwed up their system.
It has now already cost more than the half day of salary trying to figure out what to do.
These guys will also throw away your schedule because they won't know what to do with it.


Aunt Maureen said...

Perhaps they will find it with the death certificate I have sent to SS. My next form of proof for them is going to be an envelope of ashes!

Sarah said...

I'll bet SS has gotten worse before....