Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stay at home parents are trophy wives

Stay at home parents are trophy wives and/ or arm candy. While presumably if they went to work for minimum wage to take care of other people’s children at a day care center, even though their husband’s earnings would eat up that income pretty much entirely because of their household’s higher tax bracket, they’d be considered “real” contributors to their marriage.


The Cooking Lady said...

This has always been my argument. Why go out to work when it will be eaten up on daycare cost, or after school costs.

I always wanted to be a homemaker. And I was lucky enough for my children's very young lives to be taken care of by one of their grandmothers.

But you have to remember that my husband and I worked opposite schedules so that our children spent as little time being babysat by my mother-in-law as possible.

It was not her job to raise our children, but we had no problem with her helping out.

There were days that my husband and I would literally pass each other on the road and wave to one another as one was coming and the other returning from work.

I do not regret those days.

We now home school, and they are older, so I am slowly returning to the work place. But I get no greater joy then to have my family home with me, or come home and there be meals ready, or laundry done.

Is this coming off as to Leave-it-to Beaverish?

Thansk for a great post and wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...
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