Friday, September 24, 2004

rainbow yogurt

yesterday C finished his first week of preschool! We're very proud of him--he did much better than anyone who knows him thought possible. And while he still might prefer a teeth cleaning to going to preschool, he does fine without us there. We just walk him over in the morning, and back at noon (and occasionally peek in the window during, but not usually).

It's a little strange not knowing much of what he's up to, though the class is so regimented that we at least know the categories he's involved with: freeplay (so far he's only done arts/crafts; we hope he eventually strays from the safety of a seat at the table to the unknown realms of playing with toys or perhaps even, others), clean-up, circle time, bathroom break, snakc time, songs and fingerplays, story time, project time (more craft projects, this time everyone does the same thing), group games/outdoor play (we'll see if they actually take them outside, can't get much better weather for it than this week, but they haven't yet to our knowledge...), prepare for dismissal.

The one category we always hear about is snack time. Despite the teacher's admonitions before school began that the parents should provide "healthy" snacks (one parent helps in the classroom each day; they bring the snack for the class), this week's menu seems to have been on a downward slide, like the daily crosswords in some newspapers. Monday was crackers and real cheese, tuesday was pretzels and processed cheese food to dip (in one of those little plastic snack pack portable thingies), wednesday was "rainbow yogurt" (which we're dying to find out what it really was)m,the way C describes it they had many colors of yogurt (like black and white for example) in individual containers and they combined them for each kid to make a rainbow (but also claimed that while the black kind was blackberry, that the white yogurt tasted like what he was looking at when he made this story up--a washcloth, pink was pink-ballon flavored, etc. We told him we would stick with the blackberry), so who knows what it really was--but we're guessing it wasn't all natural; thursday was a birthday for one of the kids, so cupcakes ("they didn't taste like anything," but for some reason he ate them anyway and seemed to like them--but they did have chocolate frosting so maybe that's why).

Next week we might set up a video camera on a tri-pod outside the mirror/window :)

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