Saturday, September 18, 2004

two Cadao stories

Here are two stories C told yesterday morning and Sarah typed. He told a longer and better one before this, about a variety of different animals that had a race at a playground and then played on the playground equipment. But when we decided to record some for the blog he seemed to be more self conscious. We plan to tape record some in the future...


Once there was a work machine that it was a bulldozer and it pushed lots and lots of dirt, and there was an excavator also, and all the machines didn’t have people in them, and the excavator was very big just like the big dump truck so it could reach the top of the dump truck, the back I mean, to put the dirt in, and there was also a house they live in was very very big, and (um I’m thinking) and there was also the…

and they had lots and lots of books at home, and so they just put one book per machine, and those were all the machines also, and also all the machines were solar powered, and the bulldozer was pushing rock and dirt, mixed together and a small rock and a big rock. the end.


once there was pirates that had a very big ship. and so it was 3-masted pirate ship and it had 400 billion sails, and since it had 400 billion sails it was so heavy it needed one more than 400 billion sails, and 405 more spare sails that were on the ship so the deck was very big, almost as big as a train even

and so once there was a big aquarium and the big aquarium held lots and lots of fish it held a billion in each one, and so since it held so much fish it needed to be almost as big as 2 pirate ships, and it was as big as 2 pirate ships, even 3 and 100 even, and so it was so big it needed a motor too, it moved around, and it was so heavy it needed a motor so it had a little outboard motor, and it needed 300 of them, actually a zillion.

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