Friday, January 06, 2006

Our holiday celebrations were just sooo exciting and numerous that we haven't had a chance to write about them! Dan, C, A, and I exchaned presents on the 23rd. Highlights included homemade Playmobil castles for C, a renovations of his Playmobil pirate ship, a set of locks and keys, and a bucket for hauling things up and down from his playhouse. He was really excited about all his presents; we realized that if that had been his whole Christmas, it would have been enough.

But wait! There's more! We spent Christmas Eve through the 26th with Nana, Ye-ye, and Uncle Shannon, where buckeye-making, puzzle-piecing, food, family, and many more gifts abounded. Then we were home for a day to pack before going to Oma and Opa's, with more more more! The kids had a blast, and we all enjoyed the long vacation, but the grown-ups were ready to get things back to normal. (Well, I say that, but now I'm desperately anticipating our trip to Florida, which is more than a month away.)

New this week? Well, a substitute busdriver just blew right by me this afternoon while I was waiting to get C off the bus; it eventually turned around after I ran after it waving and shouting for a block (dragging A, natch) and C told someone they missed his stop. (He said it was someone's grandmother riding the bus. Who knows who it really was, but at least she got the busdriver to turn around.)

(Incidentally, I'd figured that they eventually switched his bus route because they realized it was ridiculous to have kindergarteners sitting on the bus for so long. Nope! They switched it because it was annoying for them to have to wait for his bus to get back to the bus garage so late. Should've known.)

We've spent $175 this week to turn Paco into a conehead. He has some horrible eye problem that they still haven't been able to diagnose. We don't want to think about how much more we're going to have to spend, and how much more pain and irritation Paco is going to be subjected to, before they actually diagnose and treat the problem. He's miserable enough from the pain and swelling (despite painkillers), and now he can't even sniff the ground without bashing into a snowbank or lie down without having plastic dig into his head. (And A wants to play with the plastic.)

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Nana said...

I was thinking Cadao and I should make a "count down to Florida" craft so HE could keep track...I guess we should make it for you instead!!!