Saturday, January 28, 2006

Updates- after several returns, I found two pairs of very expensive sandals that fit. I plan to never buy new ones again.

A has teeth numbers 5 and 6 coming in, to help excuse her completely sleepless nights. She's refusing to eat anything other than pancakes and Oatios, and she doesn't consume a lot of them, either.

I've been offered a temporary part-time paying job at the food co-op where I currently volunteer for a discount, filling in for someone going on maternity leave. It'll make a nice income supplement this spring/ summer.

I got the stomach thing just when I thought I was in the clear, on Wednesday night. Having two years' worth of practice in not-vomiting through pregnancy, I avoided that route, which meant it progressed to my lower intestinal track, which wasn't pretty either. Luckily it was indeed "only" a 24-hour thing, and Dan and I didn't get it simultaneously.

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