Thursday, January 12, 2006

Paco update

The vet clinic's eye specialist finally returned today (why he thought his knee surgery was higher priority than my Paco, I'll never understand) and Dan took him in (again). Paco now has a fairly serious corneal abrasion, which wasn't there before; he must have managed to do it to himself since his last appointment (perhaps the night he managed to wrestle his way out of the conehead). So now they're treating the corneal abrasion and hoping that whatever the other problem was has resolved itself. The steroid drops we had been giving him have also apparently been preventing the abrasion from healing, so he now gets different drops, an ointment, and remains on the oral painkiller/ anti-inflammation drug (which thankfully he likes). Wrestling him down and prying his eye open several times a day is wearing thin on all of us.

We had to cut his conehead down because he couldn't function with it at all; he stood in the middle of the room crying the first night he had it until Dan finally gave up trying to sleep and reduced it to a more reasonable size. (Paco refused to lie down, eat, sniff, pee, do ANYTHING with it on.) We're glad we were able to help him a little bit, but wish we knew when we'll be able to finally take it off him.

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