Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, at today's vet visit, Paco's eye looked much better. Apparently the new-cell-formation is weak, so it's possible that one scrape could wipe out all the improvement and set him back to square one, but we're (obviously) hoping to avoid that. For meds, we're down to just three drops a day. Maybe we should send him to Marley's house to have them done.


nana said...

That might work...Aunt Maureen had her second eye surgery today so she'll be really used to doing eye drops for everyone again!

I bet she can't wait to get back online again. I know that I miss her comments to your entries.

I hope Paco does okay. Cadao and I were talking yesterday about how hard it would to be coneheads. He didn't get the France reference. :)

Dan, Sarah, Cadao, and Alyra Rain said...

Cadao's actually been quite nice to Paco lately, so maybe pity is the best way to get through to him. :)

Has Shannon's old computer arrived yet?