Saturday, August 18, 2007

I had to drive to Tupper Lake for a work meeting last week (the logic in making a seven-hour round trip for a 90-minute meeting escapes me, but I digress), and it gave me a chance to check out the new Wild Center there. To my surprise, it was just as nice as the promotional literature made it sound: the exhibits were beautiful, well-maintained, and incidentally educational; there were user-driven materials ranging from scat identification kits to puppets; the self-guided trails around the building had interesting information; and the building and grounds were architecturally appropriate and attractive, with significant attention to detail. Now if only it weren’t in Tupper Lake (which was an even more aggravating drive than it would normally be, since the town seems to have chosen to rip up ALL of its pavement this summer), it’d be a great place to visit again.
I picked up C from Nana and Ye-ye while I was there. I’d arranged a book on tape for us to listen to for the car ride home, but he opted instead for the Hardy Boys, making it a quiet trip for me. Will A someday become as low-maintenance in the car? Or at least reasonable?

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