Monday, August 20, 2007

new office

My workspace has been upgraded from a large-but-noisy cubicle shared with the photocopier and FAX machine to an office to be shared with one other person. This is good in that I have more privacy (my office-mate hasn't even moved in yet) and can avoid both the constant hum of the printer and the constant chattering of the admin, but bad in that I'm further from my boss (normally considered a good thing, I know, but she tries to avoid thinking about my project as much as possible, and my distance makes it harder to casually hound her). I'm glad that I started out where I was, because its central location meant that I got to know more of the staff, but my new space is much more conducive to work.

Plus, I'm on the third floor now instead of the first, which means that I am no longer subject to the first-floor toilets. In their eagerness to prevent clogs and unsanitary conditions, they automatically flush alarmingly quickly, providing little time to toss in the toilet paper. Upstairs, we're trusted with sensor-free toilets. So I can tell it's a promotion.

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