Monday, August 27, 2007

The toaster oven stopped working on Friday, a real shame in the season of tomato sandwiches, and I haven't had a chance to fuss with it and see if I can get it going again. I considered asking my father to help, but knew how the conversation would go-
J: What's wrong with it?
S: The "on" indicator flickers on intermittently, but nothing happens.
J: Does the oven setting work, or is it just the toast setting that's a problem?
S: Well, the toast setting has been broken for a couple of years now. We just turn it to 400 and set the kitchen timer for three minutes so we don't forget about it.
J: How old is this thing?
S: Hmm, well, I think you and Mom gave it to me for Christmas freshman year, so 14-ish years?
J: Buying any parts would cost more than replacing it.
S: Yeah, I was thinking of asking for broken toaster ovens on Freecycle.
J: (incredulous stare)
S: Hmm, I guess maybe asking for a working one might make more sense.


Robin said...

So happens our ancient, long-ill toaster oven died just this morning; its only function now is to pop open in a desultory, impertinent manner about one second after you turn it on.

Um. Want it?

shannon said...

Actually, they cost less than $30.

Target has FIVE toaster ovens under $30. The cheapest, at $20, also has free shipping.

Sarah said...

I now feel compelled to tinker with toasters, and identify the force that's moving down Delaware Avenue, leaving malcontent toasters in its wake....