Monday, August 27, 2007

more sleep

Per request- I tried the stay-up-'til-3 plan on Saturday night, but unfortunately it didn't enable me to sleep until 7- A needed help at 5, so that was it for me. I've tried Ambien before, and it effectively puts me to sleep when that's the problem, but it only works for two hours. (When I tried taking it after waking at 4, I felt dazed all morning; not sure if it was related to the drug or not, but I don't want to take anything when I'm the only adult in the house anyway.) Changes in diet, exercise, and evening routines seem to make no difference.


shannon said...

One of my friends took Ambien for a week or so. It put him to sleep for 8 hours. Hard. So, don't take that if you expect to do anything. Even if it doesn't keep you asleep, I can't imagine that you're safe to do anything with heavy machinery... like a car. Or a vacuum.

Sarah said...

Just gave it a shot last night since Dan's back, but it only worked for about 4 hours- somewhat better than what I've been getting lately, but not better enough to make it worthwhile.